Let's face it. You probably hesitated to contact an attorney because you don't like the exorbitant fees and billable hour fee structure that most law firms use.

That's why we offer just two simple, transparent pricing options. So you'll never be surprised by unexpected costs, and getting the legal help you deserve, won't break the bank.

Once & Done

$229 flat rate
+$199 each additional work product

Need help with a once-and-done thing? Perhaps a demand letter? This is for you.


FREE 1-hour initial consultation
1 work product
All associated costs and expenses included
some exceptions may apply in some situations; see below)

All the things

$282/month (billed yearly)
$339/month (billed monthly)

Get unbeatable, personalized, on-demand service for one flat rate. No surprises.


FREE 1-hour initial consultation
All necessary work product
All associated costs and expenses included
(some exceptions apply in some situations; see below)


How is a subscription different than the standard billable hours model?

Most law firms use the billable hours model. This means that you're charged a fixed rate per hour, usually rounded to the nearest 1/6th of an hour, i.e., rounded every 10 minutes. So if an attorney's hourly rate is, say, $400/hour, and the attorney does 100 minutes of work, you'd be billed $667.67.

A subscription option is sort of like a buffet: you pay a flat rate per month for the various legal services accumulated, effectively lowering the financial burden to you.

Which plan should I get with you?

It depends. If you just need, say, a formal demand letter sent to a landlord, for example, then the "once and done" option is probably best for you. On the other hand, if you will have ongoing legal work beyond that one demand letter, then a subscription plan definitely makes the most sense and pays for itself almost immediately.

What's included -- or not -- with a subscription?

A non-exhaustive list of things not included by a subscription plan includes court and trial fees as well as certain travel expenses. But all the other fees that most law firms typically charge for, such as printing and office costs, postage costs, and so on, are all included, as are unlimited phone calls, video calls, emails, and other forms of communication.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Monthly plans can be cancelled at any time.

What about retainer fees?

For the "Once & Done" option, your retainer fee is the $229 for that first work product. Subsequent work product will be billed at $199 for each additional work product.

For the subscription plan, there is no retainer fee, however, the first month's payment -- or full year's payment if you elect to pay yearly -- is due at the start of client engagement.

Is there anything the subscription plan does not cover?

It is possible that certain legal issues will be beyond the scope of what can be provided with a subscription plan; in this case, a custom arrangement will be discussed and a new client engagement letter will be discussed and presented.

How often can I contact you?

Whenever you want! While immediate availability can never be guaranteed, you can always schedule calls in advance, and alternative modes of communication are also available to use (text; email; WhatsApp; Slack; etc).